16 July 2011

a classic beauty

I have two sewing machines.   I picked up one from overstock.com that I use all the time, a Brother - simple to use and basic.  Just what I can handle while I"m still learning how to quilt.

  This beauty came from my kids great-grandmother.   It's in a cabinet, electric and weighs about 20 pounds when you pull it up out of the center section.  Memmy passed it on with all the original parts, accessories, and directions.  Far as I can tell it's from Sears in the 50's? (EDITED - it's from 1938)   Franklin was one of the brand names of their Singer-copies.   The first Franklin's from Sears were 1910ish but they had a foot pedal.  This is completely electric. It works very well - once I can figure out how to thread it and the bobbin!

Does anyone out there know anything else about this machine?

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