24 July 2011

A diversion - Downy Quilt for Kids

I am currently waiting patiently for a can of 505 spray to do the sandwich of Miss Olive's quilt.  Should be here some time next week. 

In the meantime, my friends on twopeas started a thread a few months ago about Downy's Quilts for Kids program ---->  www.quiltsforkids.org/     and the original thread on two peas ----> Two peas in a bucket - Quilts for Kids finished gallery

So I sent for one.  I'm new at this quilting thing but I thought I could use the basic pattern they gave and do something nice for kids in hospitals all over. 

I requested, it was delivered within the week, and here's the start.  
Kit and packaging materials

Everything comes pre-cut (which I didn't realize but of course it would) I put the 4 squares together and laid it all out on the floor.  

Some crazy fabric here - LOL

Here's the top all sewn together....

next up - quilting.......

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