27 July 2011

Finished Downy Quilt for Kids - Quilt called Blue Moon

Wow, did I really complete a quilt in less than 2 weeks??  

I like it very much, even though the colors aren't what I would have selected, and the patterns aren't my style so much.  

Hanging out on the washlines again.

quilting visible on the back fabric

and some on the front

Here's the quilt "sandwich" laid out on my office floor.  This was after quilting but before working on the edge treatment.

To do the edge, I rolled up the fabric from back to front and zig-zagged it in place.

Then I went back and folded up the edge from back to front one more time, using a fancy zig-zag to secure it.

and there you have it!  

Sending it on it's way this afternoon.  That was fun.  Let's do another!

1 comment:

  1. I love the colours and the pattern. Adorable.



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