23 September 2013

What I worked on this weekend - glass and tomatoes

 Good Monday morning everyone!

          Let's see if I can get this new blog schedule rolling as we head into fall.  I've been working like a loon around here lately; heading back to school (the job) and back to college (the degree), working on a few quilt commissions (two t-shirt quilts through the Etsy shop plus one more local, vintage feel quilt), putting together my graduate art show works, plus I've been prepping for another Fall craft fair.  And I can't forget getting the garden harvest to put up for us to use all winter.  Oh, the tomatoes!  I canned 10 quarts of whole tomatoes this weekend and I still have a mini-mountain of the ruby jewels on the counter top. 

(not a picture of whole tomatoes, instead a photo of a few pints of my sauce)

     With all that going on I did have a little block of time this weekend to work on a piece I've had buzzing around in my mind for a bit.  The craft fair next weekend is at a local winery and I've made these flattened wine bottle plates for my booth, but I have also worked with stained glass before so I have a few bins of scraps given to me by the lovely wife of a former pastor at my church.

     A few years ago I used those scraps and a picture frame I had in my basement to make this for my kitchen window.  It was propped behind my herbs for a bit but hoisting it up to the center of the large window did wonders for it's display, and for the herbs too.  They like a bit more direct sunlight. 

      With three monkeys in the house, I do need to be concerned for safety so I set up a little spot in my basement for my "glass table" and I started playing around with the idea of a bottle vase with flowers window.  Using a window frame I picked up for $2.00 at a yard sale, I've been working on this....

 (photo taken from below the table)

        I'll adhere the glass to the window with 100% silicone and grout over the pieces with a gunmetal gray colored, un-sanded grout to finish it off.    The strength of the window frame will support the weight of the extra glass but I'll still add heavy duty eyelet screws and framing wire to hang it.

      Hopefully, I'll get back to it tomorrow and have it grouted on Friday for the Saturday Fair day.  Hopefully.   Best laid plans and all......

I'll be back on Tuesday with a recipe to share.

Have a creative day!

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