26 September 2013

Two out of one: A mini-sewing project

            When I was pregnant a million years ago, I got one of those long body pillows to help me get comfortable while sleeping.   For the last few months, I've had the pillow tucked behind my sleeping pillows on my bed, mainly to keep my kids from either getting their head conked on the iron bed frame or from getting their head stuck between the iron bed frame parts, I haven't decided which yet since neither happened with that pillow there.  Since I have no plans on having another pregnancy any time soon, a new project idea was born instead. 

I decided it two pillows would look more visually appealing and the two red pillowcases might fit better if I just cut the thing in half.   So I did. 

So I cut.  Foam insert thing and all.  Actually it turned out to be rolled batting instead of a solid foam core. 
I kept the original fabric cover on the batting and just did a quick whip stitch to hold it together. 

New cases on, pillows in place.  Pretty!

....and yes, I am still completely in love with the red and white quilt.  I have fantasy plans of making pillow shams with some of the same fabrics from the quilt to go on the bed also, but the time hasn't seemed to materialize for me yet.   Where they add another hour or two into the day, someone will have to message me to let me know. 

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