27 September 2013

Lego problem


              I'm sure I'm not alone with my Lego problem.  There are never the same number of head compared to bodies.  Or the head is the wrong color, which does not bother me in the least but I am told by my little boy you can't do that.  It's a crime against humanity apparently.  

             No, I did not point out the lack of humanity in dealing with plastic Lego men, especially since we were dealing with Lego droids.  The argument seemed pointless. 

I did however, cure our mis-colored head problem but getting out the trusty Sharpie.   


No more headless droid. 

Please don't remind him there are still five heads on the table and no more spare bodies. 

              Big weekend coming up!  Fall Fest at Armstrong Valley Winery in Halifax Pa.    If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for some yummy food, good wine and browse the 30 or so vendors that will be set up.   I can almost guarantee the weather will be better than the Spring festival.

             Remember that one?   Rain all day Saturday, the Dorothy, Toto, and the Kansas winds all day Sunday?   Fun stuff, right there.

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