02 October 2011

Word Wall

Did you know you have limited storage space on blogger with which to post photos? Yeah, I didn't either.

Now I do. With my new upgrade (translation, forked over some cash) I can post again.

One day last month I was looking through pinterest and found some word walls.   Instantly decided I wanted  needed one, and went on a little search to find one.

I've always wanted to do a word wall somewhere in my home. I just never had the perfect spot in mind before.  Then I realized I had a big blank spot heading upstairs on the landing of my stairwell that would be a great spot for a listing of family rules. Since it really just applies to the family, and it's a "welcome" kind of list, I decided this would be the perfect spot!
I found JanDeeCrafts on etsy and picked out this list of "family rules", adding one or two that we use a lot here (like - never run out of smootches :) )

This is the final wall, top of the stairs on the landing (with my meyer lemon plant soaking up the sun)

So easy to apply, here's how...
First, each strip was separate so you  arrange the phrases in any order you wish.

I put them up on the wall with painters tape to get an idea what it would look like

You take each strip and warm the backing with a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes
Then peel off the backing
If the backing sticks to some letters, you haven't warmed it long enough, but it's easy to peel off by hand too.
Put the strip on the wall and smooth it out with the edge of a credit card
The longer you let the phrase on the wall, the stronger the stick is suppose to be, so I did several at a time before testing one out.   Peel the cover paper off slowly to reveal your letters. 

Easy, cute, and did I mention easy?? 

Here's the landing.  I love it!  

Thanks JanDeeCrafts!

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