11 October 2011

Halloween - easiest to most difficult

I've had requests from my children this year that are as follows.   Big boy wants to be the Road Runner (as in Road runner and coyote fame).   Little boy will not go along with the coyote theme and wants to be a penguin, then a race car driver, then a penguin.   Baby girl said Millie (from team Umizoomi)

Let's see if I can try to make some costumes, shall we? 

First Millie  - she's cute.   She wears patterned dresses and sings a "pattern power!" song.   Her hair can also be measuring devices.  

I see, pink shirt with pattern on it.   Maybe pink sweatshirt?  and pink tights - got those, check.  Hair things?  maybe a headband? 

 2 pairs of toddler pants from walmart. 
 cut legs off to make arms on the t-shirt
 remove short sleeve and trim a little extra to make more of a dress like neckline
 pin sleeve to body of shirt, right sides together, lining up the seam on the shoulder with the seam on the pants leg
 sew on both sleeves, turn right side out and poof!  Millie's shirt dress. 

Now the pattern power!    Found this idea on pinterest - foam sticker on a plastic lid (brilliant!)
 dip into fabric paint - called a "soft" paint because it will be flexible when dry

 stamped butterflies for a pattern on the dark pink part of the shirt, and on the knit hat

For Millie's measuring hair pigtails, I braided together 9 strands of yarn plus 3 strands of Twisteez wires so it would stand up after I stitched it to the hat.

I have yet to get an action shot of it on her!   Soon I hope......

Next up - Penguin Herbit

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  1. Ha, I made a Milli costume too. I wish I found this before I made mine. It took me forever.



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