21 October 2011

little boy and his penguin costume

I don't really know what it is about penguins that this little boy loves so much, but he does so here's his costume.....

 Hat = knit hat, felt eyes, felt beak stuffed lightly with fiberfill

 Belly = 1 layer white flannel, 1 layer heavy duty interfacing, 1 black t-shirt, and 1 small 9" round pillow form for the big belly!

 Wings = 2 layers black felt, 2 layers heavy duty interfacing plus one more layer of quilt batting in the center.

both sleeves and a tail piece were pinned in place on the child when he would hold still :)

 feet = 2 layers felt plus fiberfill, elastic to hold it to the ankle and around the bottom of the shoe

That's the penguin!   They all promised me they would model them tomorrow.   We'll see.

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