12 June 2013

Kiwi Crate craft kits for your kids

 Kiwi crate $10 off referal link. 

Good morning!

While I'm in the midst of blog renewal plans, I stumbled across Kiwi Crate on another blog and wanted to share it with those of you who have a long stretch of days off with your kids this summer.

                  Step 1 - sign up online                         Step 2 - wait for your kit to arrive                      Step 3 -  Create and discover!

I have not received my first kit yet, however the kids are very excited to and have been patiently waiting for the mail to arrive.   Since I have three not-so little ones, I ordered a kit plus the extra materials option.  Hopefully that will be enough to get them started without arguments.

Included with my order was a $10 off link to share with my friends.  So here I am, sharing it with my friends.  :)


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