07 June 2013

Reviewing the blog and summer plans

I think it's time I set a more consistent and planned out schedule for the blog and it's posts.

Now that summer is upon us here at the homestead, I'll be working out some plans and setting up a schedule of posts so I can not only be more present on the blog, but also more present in my family life.   I don't want to be that person with the camera up to my face the whole time my kids and I are working on something, but I don't want the blog to fall to the wayside either.

So for the next two weeks of June I'll take a small break.   Then I'll be back with our schedule and plan of attack (so to speak)

I'll ask this of my readers, what are you most interested in reading about?   Do you like tutorials best?   Recipes?   Commentary on favorite art supplies?  Etc. 

So for a little while, have a wonderful next few weeks and may all your days be sunny.



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