29 October 2012

Not a quilt this time


It occurs to me, I've been a bit quilt-obsessed of late, so here's something that's not a quilt.

<--- This is a little leftover leaf and some corn as a bonus project I hung in my kitchen.  There's a small frame behind it for support. 

To start, my middle boy is a major leaf collector.  I needed something to do with all the leaves he stashes here, there, and everywhere you can put a leaf.   Modge-podge to the rescue!

Paint both sides, let dry.   They stay colorful and flexible to be used in all sorts of projects. 

We've collected all sorts of leaves.  Here are maples, oak, fire bush, pin oak, and some we pulled off the blueberry bushes in the backyard.

Next up are the millions of iris seed pods in my yard.   I picked a large bundle when they were very dry and started bundling them into smaller groupings. 

 I used floral wire but I only had green. 
 It wouldn't form into a nice circle like I had pictured in my head so I settled on a spray. 

To put it all together I got out the hot glue gun and a gold mesh ribbon.    This will hang inside until Hurricane Sandy passes, then I may put it out on the front door. 

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