01 October 2012

Armstrong Valley Winery craft fair

I didn't get to post about this ahead of time because I, for lack of a better term, stumbled onto this myself.

I went over to the craft show at the very end of the day on Saturday to pick up some peach wine (a favorite) and ask around about being a vendor at the next show.   As fate would have it, I talk to the organizer and her mother, they had an empty booth area on Sunday and Poof!  I'm in a craft fair the very next day.   Did I mention this was about 7:00pm or so?

I pulled some things out of circulation from the Etsy shop, boxed 'em up, picked up a big pot of mums and off I go!

Things to do next time.

- I need a canopy.   It was a combination of cool, hot, windy, and a little drizzly at times. 
-A chair better than a stool.
-A display to either stand some bottles up so the light shines through them, or to hang them somehow.
-A shop sign.
-And bring a sidekick do you can take a short break if you need to.

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