03 March 2012

Race season! (No, not nascar)

Musical tech week, weekend UTA, and 3 shows plus the daylight savings time change.

 I'm not looking forward to my next hideously busy week!   I am looking forward to the start of my race season though.   Tomorrow afternoon is the March Madness 5K run that started the racing bug for me last year.  Forecast is good(-ish) for a March run, 41degrees and no rain.  Beats 34 and drizzling like the first one. 

I've planned a few more 5Ks, a 10K in October, and my first 10 Miler this year.   I'm thinking of some day running a half (maybe next year) because, really - when you've run 10 miles, what's 3 more, right??  

In the back of my head is the tickling thought of a full before I'm 50.   Let's see how the half goes.  I don't think the jump from 10 to 13 is too much to imagine, it's the 13 to 26.2 that can't be reasoned with.   I do know the finishing will be the accomplishment for me.   Davina and Meb may have Olympic Trial record times, I just want to finish and not break, pull, or damage anything. 

I'm hoping to get back to my R/W quilt mid month.  I've been painting a bit too.  Did you see the basketballs?

I do these just about every year for the Senior players in my school.  This one was a career high scoring total from a bit ago.   The kids like it, it's fun for me to do, and I enjoying celebrating their accomplishments after they've moved onto from the elementary school where I've know them. 

Off I go
Have a great weekend everyone :)

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