13 March 2012

Whew! Made it!

What a crazy, crazy week/weekend!  The time change was not my friend either.   As much as I love spring, I really hate losing that hour of sleep, especially when I was only going to get 5 hours sleep that night anyhow.

At any rate, it's time to get working again.   This week's plans include more basketballs (senior boys this time), a few flying geese for a new quilt I've got on my mind, maybe getting the Red/White quilt ready and sandwiched, and one extra special painting thing I'm keeping under wraps right now (but it's a bigger deal than painting a toilet - both figuratively AND literally!)

  (As soon as I submit the sketches I'll give you a peek at it :)

Have a great start to the week everyone!


PS - 1st 5K of the season was a big success!   Weather was 38 but sunny - perfect for a run about town.   A good 185 people ran/walked.   I was at 33:23 but took breaks to keep my shin splints under control.   Next up Mar 31st in Philly :)

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