22 June 2011

a quick Cracker Barrel checker board

My kids and in-laws recently had a dinner out at Cracker Barrel and were very interested in playing checkers on the porch outside.   Unfortunately there was a suspicious lack of checkers....  When we got home that night I decided to use an old end table and make one for them.

Just a quick tape off of 1 1/2" squares in the center of this end table

chose orange and a dark brown

 taping for next squares - the problem with this sort of project is the amount of tape "wasted" in taping things off.   If I wasn't  looking for exacting square lines letting my kids help paint on this, I probably would have done it free hand without tape.

  2 coats exterior poly, let dry and let the games begin!!   They have rocks vs. globs.   :) 

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