04 January 2013

Concerts, cookies, kids, and a bonus gift

My Christmas Recap

 Terrible photo. Apologies.  I didn't want to use a flash.

 I forced them to let me take a photo before they opened anything.  Aren't they goofy? 

And a big THANK YOU! to Katy over at Mom and Her Drill and Sherry at Whitewash and Co on ETSY for my Christmas gift giveaway pendant.  I love it!

(It was one thing under my tree for me that I didn't have to wrap myself)


  1. what sparkly kids you have! happy you like our collage pendant!! thank you for showing and sharing! for valentine's day we are hoping to have copper hearts ready.

    i'm enjoying your blog, btw!


  2. I' I've sent a few of my friends your way also . they loved the pendant too and wanted to know where to get one for themselves! thanks again :)



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