03 February 2012

Murals in the Shaffer Mansion

A friend of mine has a relative who was restoring a very old and dilapidated mansion in my area.

After years of very time consuming restorations, the final touches were going to be several murals added to the master bedroom, the largest full bath, and this little half bath.   These were finished in 2010.

This is a period home with an owner who loves choosing creative wall coverings.   Here's the smallest half bath off the main living room.   Alice and Wonderland.   She wanted the feel of a wooden tree stump.   

Can easily say it's the strangest thing I've ever painted!

Oil-based paints on a brand new (never been used because I painted before it was installed!) toilet.

This is a mural above the fireplace in the master bedroom.   It's the homeowners Grandfather (standing), Grandmother (seated center) and friends boating on the Susquehanna River that runs at the edge of town.   It was a black and white photo, she wanted the same feel but with a touch of color. 

 This is the blank wall in the full bath.   All painted trompe l'oeil style.  There is no molding, that was painted as well.   This is the home the family grew up in.  The other 2 walls of this room are solid windows but this one faces the interior of the house so we decided on a false window.

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  1. I love this! Can't say that I want a tree stump toilet in my house, but you did a fantastic job!



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