15 September 2011

4 finished quilts and 2 to go!

Here are the 3 finished baby quilts.   I'm happy to say I sold the green and pink one already!   I'm so excited!

The blue one I finished up just before the 16+ inches of rain we had here on the east coast so I didn't get a line shot of it until now.  

Baby quilts just make me happy.  I keep thinking about snuggling up in a chair with a sweet, soft little fuzzy head tucked into my chin.   Some of my most favorite parts of being a mom.  That quiet, middle of the night rocking on the chair with a little sweetie-pie.   :)  

Ok, sappy done.   

Did get the chance to finish the quilting on a new Downy Quilts for Kids project as well.  
LOVE the turtles!   Much more my style in color choices than the first one.  

Isn't he cute???

Now, up next - 2 more baby things.  One pink and one yellow for 2 friends  :)

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