05 September 2011

baby quilts and hatching a plan

The economy is not-so-hot right now.   People all over are tightening their belts and trying to get by with less.  This is not a big news flash to anyone of you.   Same goes here for me.  With 3 kids and a mortgage on a house I'd like to keep, I need to figure out a way to keep the finances rolling. 


I thought, since "I make stuff" why not make stuff and sell it on etsy?  I mean, I would like to think I make some nice things, so maybe someone out there in computerland would rather not follow the instructions here, but buy the finished product outright. 

Here's the first of the items I'm listing on etsy.    3 baby quilts I've made from the 9-patch leftover squares from the Olive quilt.  Each is an Irish Chain.   One blue, one green/yellow, one pink/purple. 

And the link to my etsy shop is ----------> I make stuff all the time at Etsy


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