18 April 2011

Now that I've passed on the gift.....

I can post about making it.  Here's a little baby quilt I made for Katie and Baby Blake (he's a cutiepie!)

 My inspiration quilt again.   Really, really love this polka-dot fabric and must have it.   

 I started mine with a fat pack of these cute bugs and frogs..... added in some fleece solid colors...
 First try.   Epic fail in piecing together.

Second attempt.   Better.

 Layout on the kitchen table to get the placement just right.

 Here's my countertop where I work.  I have to keep things up and out of reach or the little monkeys I live with want to help me.   

 pinned and stitching in the ditch

 lines marked with a Hera marker
Clover Hera Marker   

close up of the froggies Miss Olive loves so much

quilting finished
then turned the edges over twice and stitched a border.

Now, did I take a finished picture?   Nope.  Blah.  
Maybe Katie will take a picture with mr Blake on the blankie?  


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