25 February 2011

I make stuff

That pretty much sums it up.  I'm an art teacher, artist and mom of 3.   I try to teach myself something new every year, something I've always wanted to learn how to do. 

When my first child was due - I taught myself to scrapbook.(2003)

When my second was due - I taught myself to knit.(2006)

When my third was due - I had 900+ lbs of stained glass supplies dumped into my lap (not literally thank goodness), it's not really a "when I have a 3rd child I want to learn how to make her glass projects" sort of fuzzy thing, but when opportunity presents itself.   So, I taught myself to make foil wrapped glass projects.  (2009)

This year I decided to tackle quilts.   I've always admired them.  Half my Aunts and my Grandma make/made them.  I read all I could read about the subject, I just have to jump in. 

This blog is going to be a record of the stuff I make.  The good, the bad, or the ugly and unsuccessful! 

So.... here goes nothing!


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