03 February 2013

"Parisienne scarf"

Oh man, did I get hit last week with the flu thing.   Urg.   I was out of school for the week and on the couch for 2 1/2 days straight.   I even had the flu shot this year!  (Which I always get - thank you Uncle Sam)

When I was capable of sitting up, I really wished I had something simple to work on.  Some granny squares, a scarf, something so I wouldn't have to leave the couch or the blankets. 

 As soon as I was able to dig around a bit, I pulled out this pattern I printed out in 2011, found 2 balls of Limerick superwash merino and got started.   (Pattern is from Jimmy beans wool)

After closer inspection I do realize this pattern isn't named, but rather titled descriptively with the fibers the designer used.    Tao Silk and Parisienne Scarf in a color called Vincent's Apron (Love that)

I've been thinking of it as the Parisienne Scarf so that's the name I'll give it.

 This one is for me.   I'm throwing in the needle on sweaters for the time being.  Takes so much time and I'm never completely happy with the end result.  After taking 600 hours, it should make me want to jump up and down, wear it constantly, and walk around saying "Hey I made this!"   Not make me tug and pull to get it to fit sort of OK. 

I need to be a better knitter before tackling a big project I think. 

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