10 January 2014

Cold process soap making - part two

Welcome back!   You will remember I am in the middle of my first batch of cold process soap, so let's see where we left off.....


After pouring into my soap mold, I put the lid on and wrapped it well in three towels for insulation.  

Then we wait for 18 to 24 hours.   Again, I am impatient by nature so as soon as I woke up after 18 hours or so, I unwrapped the loaf and here is what I have!

It looks like soap.    It smells wonderful!   Like citrus. 

Take off the wingnuts and remove an end, slide the knife along the long edge and pop out the soap.

I peeled back the wax paper and started slicing the bars apart and voila!   SOAP!

I think.   I mean, I still have to wait another month or so until it cures completely.   But it looks nice and even, it smells lovely and I cannot wait to try it out!  

So that is cold process soap.  Now, what scents to try next?.....

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